Hello there! Thanks for visiting my portfolio site.
My name is Lily, and I am a problem solver. Product designer, UX/UI designer, experience designer, [insert next trendiest title]...there are a million debates on the world wide web about what you should call yourself.
At the end of the day, I'm just a human who cares about crafting products and experiences that makes life easier and better for other humans. 
I have about 3 years of experience, two-thirds agency and one-third in-house. At the agency I learned to work with many different projects between a variety of clients and needs. In-house, I was able to work with a larger design team that was focused fully on one vision and product, while balancing expectations from different stakeholders. 

My academic background includes a double major in Biotechnology and Book & Media Studies at the University of Toronto and a full-time UX Immersive program certificate from BrainStation. With a strong understanding of scientific research methodologies combined with a solid background in human communication media and methods, I was fascinated with how people behave, function, learn, and consume from both biological and social perspectives. 

Here are some of the things that I do:
- Wireframes, prototypes, mockups, from low to high fidelity across multiple platforms / devices
- UX strategy, design systems, working with research, journey mapping, agile and scrum methodologies
- Information architecture, site maps, task flows, user flows, card sort studies
- User research and usability testing, in-person and with remote research tools such as Optimal Workshop and userinterviews.com
- Google design sprint and design thinking processes: problem solving, ideation, prototyping, testing, iteration, project development, presentation
- Cross-functional collaboration between design, business development, and technology teams; design feedback and critique 
- UI & visual design: typography, colour theory, logo design, accessibility, iOS + Android design patterns, interaction design + gestures, style guides

I'm always learning and trying my best in keeping up with the latest news in design. Especially with the rise of AI, AR, VR, and voice interfaces, I am super stoked about what's coming in the future, and how might we go about designing for these platforms - efficiently, ethically, and empathetically. 
My creative approach is to find the best solutions tailored to each medium - whether it's a native app, a chair, or a responsive site. At the end of the day, it's about combining the science of user research with the magic of design to solve problems in a delightful, human-centered fashion. 

Outside of my work, I also love to play the violin, go to the gym, and shoot photos with my camera. I like to help people see the best of themselves.
Clients I have worked with:
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